Antiquated Gender Bullshit, And Other Thought Catalog Articles You Might Enjoy.

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Antiquated Gender Bullshit, And Other Thought Catalog Articles You Might Enjoy..

by I Am Begging My Mother Not To Read This.

I read this and loved it! Mostly because unlike most of the writers with blogs pursuing writing a novel, I want to write articles for magazines. Magazines like Cosmo so I can improve it… slowly… like one article at a time. So this is something that inspires me. Be sure to read the whole thing!




When did realize turn into realise????? WHEN??? Did it become official while I was away from school for a few a years? Why is everyone spelling it wrong. Or am I totally out of the loop and it’s now actually correct with the “ise” and not the “ize”. So in actuality now I’m spelling it wrong? 

Yes, this is how I started my Saturday morning. Worrying about the spelling of words. Oy vey. I need to grab a coffee. 


Working Out My Work Stress

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Here are a few videos that I’ve used to relieve my stress from work this week and,ever the mutlitasker, get my bikini body back in time for Summer. Summer starts early in Santa Cruz. It’s already been in the late to early 70′s, which is great for my January Birthday. I don’t care much for the cold!

Anyways. I’m not graceful enough yet for the gym. Just picture some brunette girl at the back of the gym, farthest corner, wrestling with one of those large balancing/stretching balls and totally falling off of it.

Big Ass Ball: 1  -  Me: 0.      Loser exits gym and goes to nearest ice cream parlor.

But really, I lack any type of grace and coordination to been seen in public. Which is fine because I can’t fathom spending $20 a month just run or use a bicycle that doesn’t actually take you anywhere. I own a real bike and have a set of legs that I would prefer to use if running to the beach or away from a creepy clown.

But I still have the goal to get in shape and then stay in shape. I am ridiculously picky (is that stating the obvious?) when it comes to work outs. I hate working out, well DID hate working out. The more I’ve done it though, the more I start thinking about it at work and how it makes me feel. I literally am craving getting home to these videos. Mom I can hear your thoughts from here, and yes this is still your daughter writing.

With no further adieu:

Thighs (some of these video’s may repeat exercises. If you do more than one at a time I always take a break if it’s a repeat or skip to the next move.)

So these are the ones that I’ve obsessed over for a week now. Let me know what you think about them or feel free to share any videos or Pinterests in the comments below! Mom, seriously stop laughing.


Down For The Count @ O’Neill Surf Shop

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Death By Inventory Day... AKA D Day.

Death By Inventory Day… AKA D Day.

So I have yet again been lagging at blogging daily. Yes, an excuse is coming. It’s just that work has sucked up all of my time. I had to cover a shift for my sick manager and on my only day off I managed to prep another blog and then became distracted with reading all about some of your lives. I can’t help it! Ya’ll are just so interesting and motivating!

Needless to say by Tuesday I was back at the grind, preparing for D-Day. The day that comes once a year and always in January. The day we close O’Neill Surf Shop (not to be confused with just O’Neill which is a by blow… I mean a step child to the original surf shop). The only day that’s not a holiday. Why? So that we can count everything that we sell. EVERY LITTLE THING. From stickers (oh yes, thousands of stickers) and wax (hundreds of thousands of wax bars) to things like wetsuits, surf boards, sunglasses, skim boards, skateboards, boogie boards, fins,  purses, clothes, and well you get the point. The night before D Day we have to PRE COUNT everything by hand. That’s right, pre count it. Whhhhhyyyy you ask? That way the next day who ever scans the bar code has something to compare it to. Double checking before we might have to triple check. It’s actually a great thing to have the privilege of pre counting. Sounds crazy right? It’s faster than the count/scan day because you don’t have to compare it to anyone to make sure its right. You just count it and move to the next thing. The even better part is that what ever you pre count you can’t scan in the next day. That’s for two reasons:

1. You might have ganked (stolen) something earlier in the year and don’t want anyone to know that you’re actually because you’re a kleptomaniac. So you if you count both and scan something twice so it looks like it’s there….you get away scott free.

2. You were counting the hangers and not the actual shirt on the hangers, so you failed to notice that one hanger actually had nothing on it. All of a sudden we have one of something in our inventory that isn’t really there. That can piss a customer off when you say “Oh! It looks like we have one left!” and then you can’t find it.

So things we love to pre count so we don’t have to scan them are things like stickers, wax, sunglasses etc. The small tedious things. I failed to get to pre count most of those items (I did manage to get to the stickers). Needless to say I spent D Day scanning in sunglasses and tee shirts. Hence the picture of the t-shirts.

They try to put some joy in the day by feeding us breakfast and lunch (Starbucks coffee, bagels and then a sit down lunch at a Mexican restaurant). Does it work? Yes, yes sadly we can be persuaded in to such things with food.  By the end of the two days are brains are kaput, donezo, fried to the core but our bellies are full.

This leads me to my next post. The exercises I did today to shake off the stress of the past few days along with the frappuccinos I keep downing.